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Reviews for Byroad Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say . . .

Firm Believers of The Byroad’s

“Chiropractic is the very best option for your health and the Byroads take it to the next level with caring. Over 23 years ago, I was told to file disability and forget about ever working again. My mom introduced me to Dr. Kunc, whom after two treatments my leg never gave out, leaving me crumpled on the ground. A few years later as our son was struggling with severe asthma attacks, he began seeing Dr. Byroad. No more nebulizer! Needless to say we are firm believers of the Byroads!” – C.D.


Years of Pain Resolved In Just a Few Weeks

testimonials“After living with chronic SI joint pain for so long it’s hard to believe or hope for a solution. I was endlessly seeking relief. Massage, physical therapy, arrosti, Rolfing Chinese acupuncture, chiropractors. Nothing worked. My condition was worsening and starting to affect my legs. Dr. Byroad was to be my last attempt at non-surgical treatment. After reviewing my MRI and examining me he thought he could help me. Having sought many other treatments, I was certainly skeptical but he was right! He resolved years of pain in a matter of weeks. I am now able to exercise and do physical activities that I once thought were a mere memory due to the resolution of my SI joint pain achieved with Dr. Byroad’s help. He is truly a ‘magic man.'” – K.M.

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