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Chiropractic Care

chiropractic-circleOften, common ailments can be caused by spinal misalignment. These misalignments, or subluxations, put pressure on the nerves of your body, resulting in a variety of uncomfortable conditions such as:

  • Back pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Extremity pain and numbness
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain

Chiropractors Dr. Byroad and Dr. Kunc-Byroad can evaluate your condition to determine whether you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care. Then, we’ll work to remove any subluxations present, allowing your body to heal itself.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Chiropractic is not a cure. Instead, we focus on helping your body’s natural self-healing, self-regulating abilities to work at their greatest capacity. Because it usually takes time for your health to deteriorate, it may take more than a couple of visits to get you feeling well again. Our chiropractors will work with you to create a treatment plan that’s customized to what your body needs and what works for you.

Comfortable Techniques to Suit You

Adjusting elderly patientWith gentle, pain-free pressure, your adjustment can realign your body to get you out of pain. Dr. Byroad and Dr. Kunc-Byroad are well-versed in effective chiropractic techniques:

• Specific Prone Technique
Activator Methods®

The Specific Prone Technique is ideal for all ages and doesn’t involve any popping or cracking. Your body can quickly stabilize, especially with at-home care such as icing, stretching and strengthening exercises.

The Activator Methods® Adjusting Instrument is a handheld spring-loaded tool that delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed thrust. Because it’s many times faster than adjustments delivered by hand, the body rarely tightens to resist, making adjustments comfortable and effective.

Diversified technique involves a specific thrust at the right place and the right time, allowing all joints of the body to be adjusted to restore proper range of motion.

Chiropractic enjoys high satisfaction rates. Find out why! Walk-in appointments are welcome.

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